Publishing Update

Readers may have noticed a relative lack of activity on this website in recent weeks, an omission for which I apologise.

The reason behind this is that I have been involved in a good deal of work in preparing and launching a new flagship publication, one which will carry the bulk of my output henceforward.

This will take place in collaboration with the team at HindeSight Letters – an offshoot of the well-respected Hinde Capital. Those who wish to continue to receive the sort of in-depth analysis presented here, but now on a regular monthly basis, are invited to take a look at the newsletter, details of which can be found by following the link to:- ‘Money, Macro & Markets’

In the near future, HindeSight will also be publishing a more condensed, weekly update which will aim to add a brief commentary on salient data and market developments as they arise. Details will be forthcoming shortly.

In light of this, the blog here will carry much briefer, ad hoc articles from now on – essentially those for which a tweet is perhaps too short – as well as announcements of updates to the Hinde pages.

I hope I can count on your continued interest under the new regime.

Many Thanks,