Thoughts on Gold

A brief, pictorial essay seeking to illustrate a few salient features of today’s gold market, such as what underlying factors drive the gold price? How ‘cheap’ or ‘expensive’ is gold on a relative and historical basis? Gold or gold miners, that is the question. How is the gold market positioned? What do the technicals say about gold’s possible future direction?
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I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Market

That usually perceptive and always interesting observer of the financial Zeitgeist, Bloomberg’s estimable Mark Gilbert, recently penned an article entitled: “Milton Friedman’s ‘Helicopter Money’ Is Looking Less Crazy.” In response, I mailed him the comments which follow (with light editing) here. Continue reading

Mario meets Spinal Tap

Not only is he a man who does not seem to understand how banks actually, not only is he dominated with the idée fixé of his blessed inflation mandate instead of paying more regard to what his institution should—and more importantly—should not do as a contribution to the material well-being of those under its sway, but dear old Mario is clearly no kind of a psychologist, into the bargain. Continue reading