Has the Fed ‘Bought the Farm’?

Those of us who have not been stuck on Mars for the past five years, tending our potato patch, will be dimly aware that the Grand Mages of the economic world – the central bankers – have been manfully searching their spell-books and bubbling their alembics in order to exorcise the dreaded demon of Deflation from the land, terrified that the world will collapse around them if too many shoppers are too routinely confronted with anything that might smack of being a bargain. Continue reading

Hocus Pocus

We are in danger of being blinded by semiotics and so losing sight of substance. We are so convinced that the medium IS the message that we have forgotten to seek for the meaning it is supposed to convey. We have given in to the quack doctors and their unscientific theories of humours in the body economic. We are now so anxious to keep the patient’s temperature minutely regulated that we have neglected to do anything about the malarial parasite which had earlier given him a fever and now has him shivering through a chill.

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