At root, MMM is based on the belief that the Credit Cycle is the Business Cycle; that fluctuations in money and credit are what give rise to instabilities in economies. It is our lot to live in a period where the checks and balances on such turbulence are much less robust than ever before; one where the deliberate violation of such restraint as does remain has become the very goal of active policy. To try to understand the interplay between money, asset markets, and the real world is the crux of what we do.

There is not much here that is a dull repetition of the mainstream economics practised so widely today. It may be a strange confession for the author of a publication called ‘Money, Macro & Markets’, but we like to start thinking about things from the individual perspective before working upwards to the collective – from micro to macro as it were. No spurious pseudo-science, just the rigorous application of logic tempered in the forge of experience.

For more detail, please download the Intro:-

17-05-27 M4 Intro