Money, Macro & Markets – The Archive

Regular readers will know that the articles published here are but a small subset of the detailed work I undertake to analyse economic and political developments and their effects on markets. In order to give some idea of the scope of this, presented below is an archive of past issues of the Austrian School-informed, in-depth monthly publication, ‘Money, Macro & Markets’ in addition to which I compile twice monthly updates as the ‘Midweek Macro Musings’ which are also made available on a complimentary basis to subscribers to the former letter.

March 2016 – ECB Overkill: The Farm Patch goes Oil Patch: Beijing Fingers in the Dam: Drilling Down

16-03-10 MMM Mar Issue

February 2016 – China Hopium Wars: USA Top-end Teetering: Saudi’s Empty Quarters: Is Cheap Oil Good?

16-02-10 MMM Feb Issue

January 2016 – China promises reform (again): The Fed finally does it: Carney sees no signal: ECB running out of debtors

16-01-12 MMM Jan Issue

November 2015 – Hocus Pocus: UK Sells the Family Silver to Europe: USA ABCT: China JIitters

15-11-11 MMM Nov Issue

October 2015 – Against Stupidity: Tail-chasing at the Fed: Lipstick on the Chinese Pig: Stocks (& Bonds) for the Long Run

15-10-12 MMM Oct Issue

September 2015 – Mississippi Bubble Chinese-style: Reserves & Repos Cheatsheet: Shuddup, already!

15-09-01 MMM Sep Issue

August 2015 – China’s Fake Boom: FRB Wash, Spin, Repeat: UK World per capita Deficit Champs: Euro Money Explosion: Real Commodities still not cheap

15-07-30 MMM Aug Issue

July 2015 – China & the Water(ed) Margin: Spending the Swiss Hoards: Behind the Fed Curve: CPI Mania goes Global: US Equity Valuations

15-07-30 MMM July Issue

June 2015 – China Running to Stand Still: USA Fewer Grasshoppers per Ant: UK New Regime, Old problems: Europe’s Rational(ized) Bubble

15-07-30 MMM June Issue

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