Once through with feeling

Some readers may be interested in putting a voice – and even a face – to the author. Below are links to three recent audio-visual publications in which I discuss US & Chinese macro as well as the interrelations between the three great asset classes of stocks, bonds, an commodities. Following on is a wider sampling of my views.

US GDP: Where’s the Beef?

Asset Allocation: Everything’s Relative

Chinese Credit: Who’s paying for that?

China Redux: Overbalancing

If that has not entirely sated your appetite, next is a trio of recent appearances with Jeremy Naylor of IG Live, starting with one at the end of last year:-

China storing up trouble

10 Years on and still it hasn’t sunk in

20 Years of BoE ‘independence’: Mission Creep and Hubris

[That last earned me a quick interview on BBC World News on the same topic which sadly I am not allowed to post]

Life after QE

A few from the past year,courtesy of Jeff, Karen , Steve and Lousia at CNBC Squawk Box:-

For all the noise, oil is a range trade

Why aren’t US rates higher?

Brexit: Turn the UK into Switzerland

Post Brexit: Carney driving capital flight to the airport in a limo

China stretching the limits of credit creation

Germany in the wake of Merkel’s setback

And, finally, a more philosophical discussion with the estimable Tim Price on Tip TV:-

An Austrian in Bloomsbury Wonderland